Gay Hookup Sites in Public Places

Just so we’re clear, by “hookup sites” I mean places like the toilet stalls inside department store washrooms.

I was surfing hookup sites (as I’m wont to do when I’m bored) and got caught up in the cruising locations listings. Obviously the idea of guys hooking up publicly wasn’t new to me, but it wasn’t something I’d practiced. It was eye-opening to find so many popular spots in my very own ‘hood — the library, the food court washroom, the park, and of course the aforementioned department store.

These are all locations through which I pass regularly for non-hookup reasons — but now that I know what’s going on, I can’t help but notice the guys hanging around, cruising!

Or, let me put it another way: I now spend my time trying to figure out who’s there to hook up and who’s not. It’s like being on a quiz show without ever getting to the answer segment.

I can see the attraction of these hookups:

They’re anonymous. Whether anonymity is your thing as a sexual turn on or because your proclivities are on the hush-hush, nothing says it like a toilet stall.

They’re silent. See above and replace “anonymity” with “silence.”

They’re quick. No one hooks up in a toilet stall for a long session followed by cuddling. Gotta get back to work, y’know.

And of course now I wanna try it.

But here’s the thing: despite years of opening my mouth for cock — anonymous or otherwise — I don’t have any experience GPSing the guys who are there to hook up!

  • how do I tell who’s cruising from those who just “need to go”?
  • what about undercover cops?
  • which spots have better “cover” than others?
  • which spots have recently and covertly been set as traps?
  • what’s the signal?!

If these places are so obviously obvious as they obviously are, you’d imagine even the cleaning staffs are on board.

So where to begin without ensuring a bust?

Your humble blog-writing servant welcomes all insights. Please!

Be safe!

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