Hookups: Pick-Up vs Delivery

Be sure to read my bio at the bottom before diving into this one. The following comparison is based strictly on the needs of my loins, not the longings of my heart.

It’s 11pm, you have a hankering for some dirtyluvin, and you can’t decide whether it’s best to hop down to the local watering hole and meet the menu, or simply get online and order in (by which I mean cruise the hook-up sites, not the escort sites). For me, this has become a dilemma not about laziness, but worthiness. Is it really worth going to a bar these days if all I really want is what I call “QuickCock”?

I say it’s not worth it.


1. Bars are expensive. How much should I have to spend “getting to know” X-number of potentials?

2. I’m sorry, but straight people can ridicule gay guys all they like: I need to see a cockpic. I don’t care how nice a guy is: I want the kind of cock I want.

3. Meeting in a bar is likely to distract from the need at hand, and in the hunt for quickcock, “politics” can take forEVER!

4. Have I mentioned the need for cockpics beforehand?

5. Online – I can still see what a guy looks like; get specific details on the kind of sex he’s into; (if I put my mind to it) get a sense of whether or not he’s an inarticulate brickhead (strangely important to me, which makes no sense, but, hey, it is what it is); see his cockpic; and, most importantly, “walk away” with the click of a button and not have to worry about being stalked by someone whose feelings were hurt.

Oh, sure, there are spas and bath-houses where I can walk in and get whatever I want, but I’d still have to leave home (in winter?!?!) They’re never as comfy as my own place, and the establishments don’t let you party like you could a few years ago (and I like to have a bit of a party when I’m playing with anonymous cock).

Call me slutty and shallow. Whatever: my cockpic rocks, and it gets me what I need without having to walk out the door.

Be safe!

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