Dating Etiquette: Ditching a First Date

The Switcheroo

I kinda sorta feel guilty about this one.  Maybe?  Maybe not? Lemme throw it out there:

Let’s say you’re cruising online and you find a guy who seems worthy of taking the time for a proper meeting. So you’re on your First Date, some place public, some place where there are plenty of other deliciously irresistible guys. Before your date is through (in fact, let’s just pull out all the stops and call it for what it is – in the middle of your First Date together) you meet someone else – a guy with whom you connect much better than the date you showed up with.

Is there an etiquette that should be followed for switching to Guy #2 before your First Date with Guy #1 is even over?

The scenario I’ve just described actually happened to me. Throughout the course of the night (we were at an event), I couldn’t help but wish Guy #2 were my date instead. Sure, I suppose I’m a wee bit ashamed to say my feelings became embarrassingly obvious. In the end, I went home with neither of them that night; but that only postponed hurting the feelings of Guy #1, who, the next day, was officially told that I’d henceforth be dating Guy #2.

(I’d like to note that, in my defence [if there is one…] I subsequently began a months-long relationship with Guy #2, so there was a bit of a follow-my-heart kind of thingy going on, but, still, I know, I know…!)

So, back to my original thought that I’d like to throw on the table for all you guys out there:

Is life not too short that etiquette can be trumped by the possibility of happiness?

Did my behaviour that night make me nothing more than a self-serving asshole?

Let me know what you think, guys.

Sock it to me. I can take it.

(Besides, if I don’t like what you have to tell me, I can always dump you for the hunkier stud standing next to you. Heehee! Kidding, kidding!)

Be Safe!

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