Sharing Fantasies with Your Lovers

I was recently at an awesome group party. We invented a foreplay game called “Who’s Got a Fantasy? or, Fister”. You gotta try this at your next gangbang.

There were seven of us. We’d known each other for about a year, but, even though we kept in touch online, all-in-the-same-room-at-the-same-time was rare. Keep in mind, should you try this game yourself, we had an advantage in our familiarity with each other—it’s easier to relax when it’s not a first date, if you know what I mean.

Early in the evening, one of my buddies asked, “So who’s got a fantasy they haven’t fulfilled yet?”

Who doesn’t! Especially a group of horny gay guys. We each took our turns, describing in sweaty, sloppy detail our ghosts of fantasies yet-to-come. But here was the challenge: whoever’s fantasy was hottest would be fulfilled, that night, by the group.

And what makes it such an awesome foreplay game is this:

  • to win, you each have to ramp up the intensity in the descriptions of your fantasies
  • by ramping up the intensity of the fantasies (and because there are a group’s worth!), everyone just keeps getting hornier
  • your fantasy could come true
  • no matter who wins, once all the shagging starts, there’ll be multiple fantasies at play
  • with multiple fantasies at play, no one will be left out
  • with no one left out, the party will last longer

It’s a game everyone wins!

Obviously it’s best with the right group of guys, and guys you feel comfortable with. (I’ve already decided my next post will be about choosing a group. Keep watching.) The next time you see a message online about an upcoming party, check out who’s going. There may be guys you know. Or maybe you think it’s time for a few of your different hookups to meet each other.

Whatever it takes—you have to try this game. It’s better than porn. You know how we always have porn on in the background at a gangbang? Well, we didn’t even get to the porn. What was happening in the room was too much of a distraction.

It’s that much fun!

Be safe!

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