Advantages of Taking a Sex Break

It’s no biggie to be out of the game for a while. Every now and then I find myself sexed-out and in need of a breather.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m active on the scene. I always keep a running list of things I wanna try, and I pretty much get through it. Once I do, the same thing eventually happens: I suffer from that been-there-done-that feeling.

A Sexual Cleanse is what I call for. It’s a way for me to give my tank a purge and let its air out (sometimes for well over a month). By the time I’m ready to play again, I have new-found enthusiasm to bring to the table (I’d hate for anyone to ever accuse me of being boring…).

Although I don’t hook up during this period, I still go online:

– I like to keep up with who’s new on the dating site. I won’t be away forever, and it’s good to know what I have to look forward to when I get back.

– I confess I still flirt, just a bit, nothing that would frustrate or lead anyone on, or even enough to send a guy running to the shower; but just a little, for funzies.

– As if I’d not check messages. I’ll be back on the scene eventually, and if anyone hot or interesting (preferably both) has contacted me, I’ll crawl out of my cave for long enough to make contact—if only to assure them I’ll be in touch soon. (I’d hate to miss out on something good!)

– Of course I continue to wank like a monkey during my whole time-out, so why not use some of those dirty profiles as fodder? There can be something mighty boner-tingling about the real-life guy on the screen in front of you (especially if you hooked up with him before and know for a fact that he’s hot), as opposed to watching porn (not that I don’t watch porn, too…).

Soon enough I’m good as new. My head is filled with sexy new ideas and my cock is ready to try them out. Every time I step back into the ring I feel like a contestant on a game show

I just make my new list, and hit “play”.

Be safe!

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