Gay Dating: Online Flirting

“horny here… let’s fuck”

I’m a flirt. I like flirts. But I have two words for you, Mr. Horny Here: L8R SK8R.

If I knew him – either from a previous hookup or e-chat – that would be a different story. We’d have a shorthand. But until then, some legwork needs to be done.

Remember you’re “meeting” someone new. The old-fashioned way – a greeting – is a good place to start. Flirty dirty talk tends to be more effective when there’s a bit of truth to hang on to, and getting to know someone a bit, and taking the time to learn about what they do and don’t like, will not only add to the quality of your flirting but also to the reception it receives. It sounds pretty 101, I know, but you’d be surprised by how many guys who just don’t get it. Allow me to illustrate what might sound familiar:

Greeting: I wanna give your ass a good pounding.
Response: I’m not into aggressive sex.

Here’s another:

Greeting: I need you to come over and fuck me.
Response: Dude, I’m a bottom.

Both of these examples could have been avoided if the greeter had simply taken the time to read the other guy’s profile. READ THE PROFILE COMPLETELY. Not only will it give you flirt ideas specific to the tastes of the guy you’re hitting on, it’ll also make clear to you whether or not he’s even a good match!

Should you find a profile for the boy of your dreams (or of the night), then let the flirting begin. My flirting tends to start by imagining an ending for our date, and working backwards from there. I’ll keep that ending to myself at first, and only roll out the rest of the fantasy to him one tiny detail at a time. Ideally, each of those details will have been drawn directly from what actually turns him on, which you will have learned either through legwork chat or from his profile.

Needless to say, like any great sex session – or movie, or book! – this online flirt fantasy should be milked for as long as possible. Your original “ending” may change along the way (depending on what inspires you during the chat, or how the other guy responds or encourages you), but whatever you do, deliver that ending.  Hot flirting depends on a money-shot as much as sex itself.

There’s a difference between flirting and coming on like a bull in heat. The latter has its time and place, and can be most welcome. Knowing when to choose between the two can keep you off the blocked lists.

Don’t block your cock.

Be Safe!

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