Gay Bars vs. Gay Dating Sites

There was a time when gay life was centered on gay bars, as a safe place where you could be yourself without fear, hang out with your friends, or meet new sexual partners. However, as the internet continues to gain the attention of nearly every eligible gay man, times are definitely changing for the better.

Today the era of the gay bar is finished for the most part. The only thing a gay bar is good for these days is meeting gay alcoholics or older gay men who aren’t comfortable using a computer for basic things like sending emails (and neither of those groups are a particularly appealing demographic to get involved with in your own dating life). Gay culture has simply moved on and evolved.

The internet has transformed the way men meet each other and in most cases sex is just a couple of messages away via the many gay dating sites we’ve reviewed at Men Tonight. Society has also changed and in most parts of the country being “out” no longer carries a significant stigma and members of the gay community are completely integrated and are no longer hunkered down in their little subculture; and “straights” have become much more “hetero-flexible”,  further negating the need for gay-specific gathering places.

Finally there’s the cost. Going out to a bar is going to cost you in transportation to and from, then there’s the overpriced drinks and the worries about getting home – a DUI could really ruin your night. Compare all that to simply sitting at your computer and browsing thousands of guys looking for exactly what you’re looking for and it’s like comparing driving a station wagon coast to coast vs. taking a jet airplane – the comparison is that strongly in favor of gay dating sites for good reason.

I suppose there will always be gay bars, but if you’re looking to meet someone right now, whether it’s for a one night stand or a lifetime of love, you’re already sitting in front of the answer. Get into the gay dating community and find exciting enthusiasts who want to enjoy their time with you right now!

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