Maintaining a Good Reputation in the Gay Community

Ah, remember the anticipation of first joining a dating site? Just knowing how many guys were online, free shags for all? It was a smorgasbord, and the newest profiles were always fresh meet. It was a good place to be.

Soon enough you’re added to the stew, and only two things can help you float to the top: an interesting profile and a good reputation. And if you’re actively online dating, paths will eventually cross. So you might wanna think twice about being an asshole.

Like any community, a dating site will have both good people and assholes. The worst are the hatemongers, the liars, the no-shows, and the guys who are just downright rude. Well, guess what – newsflash: word gets around.

So do us all a favor and follow some basic human dogma you’d expect to find anywhere (except the blowjob part, below):

  •  Have respect for everyone.
  • It’s perfectly fine that you’re only looking for a quick blowjob and not looking to make a new friend, but for goodness’ sake be polite. “Hello” would be enough.
  •  If you make a date, keep it or cancel; but don’t pull a no-show. One alone could cost you your reputation.
  • List your dislikes, but don’t be insulting about them. There’s a 100% chance your shit is someone else’s stuff.
  • Do you honestly think you can get away with being racist? Good luck, pal – prepare your profile for nukeage.

And a hot cock pic won’t help cuz it’ll only make you that much more recognizable (“Wow, look at that cock….Wait a minute, I recognize that cock – that’s the asshole!”). Soon enough, no one wants to hook up with you. Sure, once maybe. Then it’s just one more guy spreading the truth about you. The sleaziest will have no choice but to eventually create a new profile if they want to continue prowling that dating site. But the good guys in the community eventually catch on.

Here’s the flipside: When you’re decent and respectful, that, too, gets around. Your stock increases in the eyes of the community, and the result is more cock. Just for being nice! What could be easier!

Look, it’s simple. You’re here to chat, maybe hookup, maybe find a life-partner. You go online and meet the people in our neighbourhood. I’ve shagged the postman, the fireman, the banker, the whole damn song. But never the asshole. No one likes shagging the asshole.

Unless the guy’s got an awesome cock. Then I’ll put up with anything.

Be safe!

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