Cock Size: Does It Really Matter?

Technically speaking, all cocks function pretty much the same, no matter what their size. A small cock still hits the g-spot, fucks you silly, and cums like a wildcat. Goodness knows it can get women around the globe preggers.

So if size has nothing to do with the aforementioned targets, is the “size matters” theory a myth? Not really, but the reasons are psychological and sadly shallow. And although it’s hard to justify it in a way that’s fair to guys with smaller cocks, I can’t help getting swept away by Big Ones.

Here’s what can’t be denied:

– Big cocks look good. They’re attractive in a way that a a sexy movie star appeals. You can’t help but wanna get your hands on one.

– The extra length and/or girth needing to be accommodated has no direct relation to the g-spot, but it’s a turn-on knowing you’re letting a monster in your ass.

– How often have you watched small-cock porn? Never. Gay porn cocks are cast by size. Why? Viewers want it.

Dildos are molded and marketed from the cocks of famous porn stars. Guess what size?

– When first setting eyes on a date’s cock, no one has ever declared, “Nice small cock!” Only big cocks get a reaction.

None of these situations reflect what a cock can or can’t do to get us off. They’re all about appearances. Sad but true.

I’m one of those born with a horseshoe up my ass. I swear I don’t say this to boast, but merely as an example from experience: my cock is above average size, and without exception it becomes a show-stopper. It’s not the biggest cock ever, but the law of averages usually has it as the biggest in the room, and as a result it gets the most attention. And I confess – I eat it up. I wish I were the kind of better person who would use the opportunity to say, “Enough. Give some attention to that little cock over there.”

So I’m guilty and shallow like the rest.

But here’s a little perspective that might help keep us grounded. A big cock runs the risk of not being able to stay as hard as easily as a small cock (so much more blood is required!). Simple fact. And a big flaccid cock will always be more useless and unwanted than a stiff small cock, any day.

In which case, “size matters” means something totally different: small cocks have a better chance of delivering the goods. We should all be excited about that.

Be safe!

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