Too Much Masturbation and Erectile Dysfunction

Bummer of a Boner

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but guys fuck way too much. Yes, it is possible. And I guess it’s really starting to wear on me that they fuck themselves to the point of erectile dysfunction. Always a buzz kill.

Don’t get me wrong: I, too, think about sex every waking—and arguably non-waking—hour. We’re built that way. And with all the hookup sites and bathhouses and sexpits at hand, it’s easy to turn urge into opportunity. I keep crossing paths with so many guys who have shagged their cocks to the point of sleepiness. They’ve already cum three times, yet they still keep coming back for more.

But what’s the point of more? Without a stiff cock or the possibility of an orgasm, what more is there? Isn’t fucking around better when you’re with someone who needs it rather than with someone who simply wants it again? I’d rather have a more heightened experience. I’d rather have a stiff cock. I’d rather have the orgasm.

This even applies to older guys who resort to Viagra or whatever to get a boner. Nothing wrong with that in itself. But to discover that I’m Guy #4 in his day and he’s only invited me over because the pill hasn’t worn off and is keeping him hard for another hour or so, and that there’s no longer any build up towards a climax, well, that’s kinda dull. Especially when he tells me he has to stop because it’s finally starting to hurt. I hate going all that way for nothing.

Guys will tell me that even when they aren’t able to hookup for a single day they fill the time wanking. Same results: they’ll be back on the scene tomorrow with a less than impressive cock.

There are plenty of us around that, if we were each to take even one day off, we’d always be able to find ourselves a hookup who hasn’t already cum themselves into oblivion. One day makes enough of a difference to keep the gear ready-to-play. It’s not like you have to keep waiting for xmas, for goodness sake.

I’m sure I’ve ranted about this at some point already, but what can I say—I’m just always trying to make a fuckaround the best that it can be!

Be safe!

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