First Experience Paying for Sex

I’m a big supporter of trying anything (at least) once.

Ten years ago I decided it was time to pay top dollar for a ride on the oldest profession on earth. I wanted to experience what it was like to buy sex. I thought, what the hell – go big or go home – and asked him to bring along a friend (yes, I paid double for a threesome).

Sex you pay for is not like any other kind of sex. Your imagination comes to life before your eyes – your mighty dollar ensures it. And let’s not forget the control element involved for those who trip on that sort of thing.

There are so many reasons to pay for sex, and I support them all. My heart always goes out to the closeted guys who have no choice but to pay for sex because of the discretion involved. And hell, if you’re rich and have no time for intimacy, why not whip out the credit card and order a little hoochee-koo? As always, to each his own.

But here’s mine:

My inaugural night of paysex was everything I expected. And why not  – it was exactly what I paid for. No complaints, both guys were nice, condo was awesome, basically good times. I even tried it twice more. But by that third time, I knew I would never be paying for sex again.

I discovered how important it was to me that the guy I’m with wants to be there. There’s absolutely zero reason why an escort would be with me unless I were paying him. And that’s hardly sexy to me. I respond to enthusiasm in the sack. Call me an egomaniac, but I want my boy there cuzza me.

Nonetheless, if you haven’t tried it and have cash to spare, I say go for it! Do keep in mind it’s an open market out there: quality varies big-time. Keep away from the mangy desperadoes going cheap. Spend more and get the twink(s) with the six-pack.

Be safe!

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