The Online Dating Closet

Surely the best possible option is to not have to be in the closet. Not always an easy thing, I know. (Let’s all share a moment of silence to lament our dear friends for whom – in the 21st century! – coming out still poses some sort of risk.)

But let’s be honest – until that Sunday dinner when you can finally go all gay on your parents, there’s something about closet online dating that rocks the balls. Something openly gay guys are apt to let slip away: The Great Taboo Awakening. And it makes sex grrrrrreat!

If you’re in the closet, chances are you’re carrying some nasty shit-baggage around with you. When guilt is left outside the bedroom, and you’re free to indulge in what you’ve always known was rightfully yours, and you don’t know when you’ll get the chance to secretly hook up again – these are intensity-building times, to cherish.

Why so good? Because a closeted guy wants it bad. Cock has yet to become the everyday; so you can bet your ass when it’s an inch away he’s going to make it count. Even if inexperienced, his enthusiasm alone is often worth the hookup. Think of the teaching potential, guys!

What a rush to have sex the way you want it, no? Of course it is. Don’t feel guilty about your secret hookups! You’re getting to know some other gay men, maybe hearing some of their own coming-out stories, and, really, who can resist sexual hijinks?

Just be sure to keep your inner-Catholic in its dungeon, and not mistake your online hookups for “guilty pleasures”. There’s nothing to feel guilty about. Only the pleasures are real.

You just have to leave the closet once in a while to share them.

Be safe!

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  1. This might be for me. I’m 61. I’ve been a great hetero lover but my wife is no longer with me and I have come to the realization that I have always been attracted to men and especially gay sex! Not I am a virgin in this area and have some questions.


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