Valentine’s Day: Gay Escort Surprise!

Heart-shaped flowers

I know what I’m getting my man for Valentine’s Day!

(I call him “my” man even though I’ve only known him for two weeks; but what a two weeks!)

It’s a 3some with a valentine twist:

I found our gift-boytoy the old-fashioned way – online. There were a number of profiles labeled as escorts, and, this being a special occasion, I decided nothing less than a professional would do. A night in a fancy hotel, with room service, would be as expensive, so why not spend the money instead on the gift of dedicated focus and a guarantee to show up promptly at a pre-booked time. (I worried Valentine’s Day might be a busy night for escorts, so I booked him nearly 2 weeks in advance, after Date #2, just in case this guy was still in my bed. Some good forward-thinking on my part.)

An any-old 3some you can get for free, anytime; but for Valentine’s Day I scoured every escort profile, IM’d, emailed, requested up-to-the-second face and body pics and, whenever possible, called. If I’m after a perfect boytoy – and paying for it – I might as well want him to be as decent a guy as possible, right? But I didn’t bother wasting time scrutinizing any of the potentials unless they already had a certain special something I was hunting for, the twist: a gift-boytoy whose cockhead was most perfectly shaped like a heart! I needed to see pics from different angles to ensure it obviously resembled a heart. This would be what I’d present to “my” man on Valentine’s Day as the 3some equivalent of a bouquet of roses.

So he’ll get the fancy dinner (only I’ll cook it myself; cheaper, and Dude’s showing up anyway), maybe we’ll watch some TV, I’m sure there’ll be some kissing, then the door will buzz.

I can’t wait to see his face when he opens his gift. Trust me, the winning boytoy is nothing but heart – both in spirit and in the shape of his cockhead. No wonder he charges so much. But it’s worth it – it’s Valentine’s Day!

Hawt, huh?

Be safe!

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