Online Dating Profiles: Please Refresh

Those of us who choose a lifestyle of regular online dating often do so because the alternative of a committed relationship gets stale quickly.

But there’s an element (and by “element” I mean “a category of guys who infuriate me!”) of online dating that is just as off-puttingly stale, and a sharp eye must be on the look-out for it at all times. I’m talking about guys who cruise habitually with a profile that hasn’t been updated in a squazillion years. Argh!

I’ve been cruising online for about a decade now, and, granted, 10 years ago it was sometimes a nuisance to keep the pics fresh (even that’s debatable; but I’ll grant it, for argument’s sake). But considering “just yesterday” is the new “10 years ago”, there’s absolutely no excuse for any outdated profile information, pics or otherwise. For goodness’ sake, you can take a pic with your i-toothbrush and fire it into the ether faster than you can clean your teeth! Do it, go now!

Of course I understand that time takes a toll on all of us, in some form or other. I promise not to judge you if, say, over the past couple of years, you’ve become a bit of a cow; but I sure would like to see it in your profile so I can make an (ahem, ahem…) informed decision before hooking up. Same with your age: now that you’re a proud grampa…

You get the idea.

I’m not making this up, nor am I exaggerating (“…I look pretty much like my pic ‘cept without the facial hair, and now I’m bald…”), (“…ya, that’s when I was goin’ to the gym regularly…”), and so on. These details are important when we’re considering a hookup. It’s the shorthand to ensure that no one’s time is wasted, and that like-minds can find each other more easily.

If a guy has nothing to hide, he should make the easy fix(es). If the profile continues to be old and stale, I can only wonder if a) he’s got something to hide, or b) he’s lazy. Can we all just make a little effort?

Look, I’m certainly not insisting that honesty is sexy; but I can assure you that dishonesty is extremely unsexy.

Be safe!

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