How to End a Bad Date

This Date is Over!

Although it’s a little on the scatological side, here’s a sure-thing bit of advice:

When I meet a guy for a first date I expect he, too, will be rational enough to understand that first dates have license to be on the short side. If we spark and want to go further, even better. But the point of a first date is a meet-and-greet, a check-each-other-out, a let’s-see-if-we-click kinda thing. Some guys just don’t get it.

It can sometimes be easy and instant to tell whether or not you’re into a guy. Even so, if not, we follow some etiquette. If we’ve met for coffee, we’ll have a coffee, and finish it. Maybe we give ourselves a half-hour rule, after which we can say we weren’t rude.

But there are guys out there who get creepy when you make to leave. It didn’t get through to them that there was no chemistry, that you weren’t interested. These guys aren’t coming across as dangerous (otherwise you’re perfectly within your rights to make a run for it), but as desperados who make it impossible for you to bolt by pouring on the guilt. Everything gets awkward, you feel bad, and your whole night is ruined.

Why not make some excuse, you ask? Well, I’m sick of having to go through the endless rigmarole of having to lie… or at least of having to tell a lie he’ll never believe. Pretending to get a text, for example, that you’re needed immediately elsewhere (who can’t see through that?) And here’s a part I dread. You have no choice but to resort to the truth, and tell the guy that you’re just not interested – and he keeps insisting, pleading: “you haven’t even giving us a chance…”, etc.

No more. When I meet a guy and he can’t take no for an answer, I now move in straight for the kill: I tell him I have to get home because my stomach is raunchy, and that I’ve had the shits all day. “I can’t stay. You know what it’s like.” It’s a shocker alright. Stops him in his tracks. He’ll have no comeback.

He’ll be worried about you, possibly offer to see you home; but he’ll understand when you assure him you prefer privacy. He’ll ask to see you again, and you’ll say dating is the last thing on your mind at that particular moment. He’ll get it.

He’ll hit you up next time you’re both online. This time you can tell him you’re not interested without him there to hold you hostage.

Life’s too short!

Be safe!

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