Beginner’s Guide to Gay Anal Sex

If you have limited gay sexual experience, there is probably nothing more scary or daunting than the idea of getting fucked by another man. Putting aside all the cultural baggage and masculinity issues that some inappropriately choose to attach to it, let it be said that there are plenty of straight men who enjoy being on the receiving end of anal sex, there’s no reason to give it more significance than it deserves.

While I can’t speak for women, some of whom enjoy anal sex, many of whom do not, for men the arrangement of one’s internal plumbing makes it particularly stimulating, as the prostate is located up against the wall of your fuck chute, and there’s no orgasm that compares to the one you’ll have while getting fucked in the ass.

If you are contemplating being on the receiving end of anal sex, you should obviously be comfortable with the concept of anal pleasure. A good way to acquaint yourself with the sensations involved is of course, self-exploration. Take a shower and make sure you’re clean everywhere, then while masturbating, let your fingers do the walking (preferably with a water based lubricant), run your fingers around and over the opening, learn what feels good, this will make you a better top as well as a better bottom. You can also experiment with vibrators and dildos, though they are nothing like having real live warm human flesh in there, but it can certainly give you the experience of getting opened up and penetrated.

While porn gan give you an idea of the basic mechanics, regardless of titles like “His First Time,” the people you see on your screen are experienced and well-prepared for their encounter. Similarly they often edit the scene so the viewer doesn’t have to sit there and wait while the performers fumble around with condoms, get lubed up, and slowly take it in for the first time. Contrary to what you may have seen in porn, you cannot simply just jam it in there. This is as good a place as any to discuss safe sex. You must use a condom all the time, every time. There is no riskier a practice than unprotected anal sex, so unless you are in a committed relationship and know your partners status: No Glove: No Love! Got it?

Preparation for anal sex is very important. Without getting graphic, if things are crowded down there, you are looking at a nasty, unhygienic mess. Becoming cognizant of what’s going on down there is a good skill to have, knowing what you feel like when something’s “on deck” vs. “all clear” is good to know. To be certain, you need to do some preparatory hygiene when you expect to be hosting a man back there.

Getting cleaned up and cleaned out prior to anal sex is easy, using an enema can make sure that the area is clean and ready for play. Taking an enema for anal sex is different from the more medicinal uses of the technique, and rather than holding it for a set period of time, you’re using it to flush out the area, rather than going for a high colonic effect. Purchasing a water bottle enema from your local pharmacy and flushing yourself out with warm, not hot, not cold, tap water is all that you need to get everything fresh and clean.

Ideally, you will put enough water into yourself that you start to feel pressure, then immediately sit on the toilet and flush it out, repeating until you are discharging only clear, clean water. When you think you are done, gently insert your middle finger as deep as it will go and make sure all is clear. Sometimes, doing this will help to get the last of the water out, as well as giving you the assurance that you are indeed good to go. Ideally you can do this a few hours before your planned encounter, which gives time for any residual water to be absorbed and the natural balance to return to the area.

So, you’re ready for anal sex, you’ve got a supply of condoms, water based lubricant, you’ve done your prep and you have a willing partner. If you’re unsure about the current state of your ass, you can surreptitiously check it with a finger, making sure there’s nothing to get in the way, and assuming you’re ready, it’s quite easy and very stimulating! Particularly if you’re new to this, you want to have a lot of lube, slathered all over his condom-clad cock, and thoroughly lube your opening, sticking a finger or two in there so that the entry point is well lubed. This also serves to relax the sphincter making the penetration easier.

As a beginner’s position, you should spoon, have him place the head of his condom-wrapped and lubed cock against your hole, letting you back onto it. To take the cock painlessly into your ass, you should be providing yourself with stimulation, either masturbating or receiving a reach-around from your partner, and push out lightly, similar to going to the bathroom, which will cause your ass to open up. Getting it in initially is the most difficult part. If you can only take a few inches, that’s fine, just work up and down those few inches, and soon enough it’ll be all the way inside.

Once you’ve been going a while in the spooning position, you should be good to go in nearly any other position, just be aware that different angles have different spots that get stimulated, and there are certain angles and positions that will not work for you, so take it slow, at least initially, any time you switch things up.

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