New to Anal: Finding the Prostate Pleasure Centre

You know you want it, but you’re an anal virgin? The prostate is the Graceland of pleasure palaces.

It can take men years to discover this. Some never discover it at all. I’ve often heard straight guys refer to the “one-way street”. Their loss, I say. Don’t let it be yours.

I’m no doctor, but I can assure you the word on the street is true:

The prostate intensifies whatever it is that makes your cock feel fantastic, and it’s worth every bit of attention you give it. You’ll feel like you’re pinned to a perpetual orgasm. I promise.

So you’re a little nervous about sticking something in your bum, you say? Well, it’s easy enough to follow a few obvious baby steps that’ll (literally) inch you closer to ecstasy.

1. Your finger is your best friend. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think of England. It won’t take long to discover that you don’t have to dig to start feeling the tingle of nerve-endings surrounding your butthole. The g-spot won’t be far—it’s usually about an inch in, behind the nutsac. You’ll know when you find it cuz you’ll feel grand right to the tip of your cock.

(NOTE: Before you get all hoity-toity on “the poo factor”, don’t. It’s easy enough to clean it out beforehand. Alternatively, you can always wrap your finger in a condom, or wear a rubber glove. Sadly, the best sex is never for the squeamish.)

2. Dildos, we all know, range in size from itty-bitty to monster. If you already own one for the purposes of sucking, chances are you chose a biggie. Consider getting a small one and trying it out on your ass. If you’ve discovered—and enjoyed—what your finger can do, imagine how hot it would be if what you rubbed on your prostate were shaped like a cock.

3. Taking for granted you’re now feeling Prostate Pleasure, practice making yourself cum by rubbing your prostate. Let me rephrase that: practice NOT making yourself cum by rubbing your prostate. Because that’s what it’s actually all about. Surrendering to your prostate could have you cumming in seconds, that’s how effective it is. Learn how to milk that ride for all it’s worth.

It’s always the same: when guys “discover” their prostate, it changes the quality of their sex—and orgasm—forever.

It can be daunting for a first-timer, sure; but it’s only that famous Fear of the Unknown holding you back.

I say fuck The Unknown. Starting with your little finger.

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