Discreet Gay Dating: Our Review

Discreet Gay Dating is an online gay dating website for those looking to keep a low profile in real life, if not online. Online, protected by the anonymity that internet communication provides, there are men seeking men in every category from college jocks and twinks to gay bears and silver foxes.

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The site has an attractive and easy-to-use design, but design simplicity doesn’t mean that the site is lacking for features. You’ll find the usual photos, messaging, chat and search options, though for full functionality you’ll have to upgrade to their inexpensive premium membership level. Paradoxically, many members of Discreet Gay Dating post explicit photos and videos of themselves in action. We’re obviously unqualified to make psychological assessments of people based on their dating profiles, but the users of Discreet Gay Dating are anything but discreet in their profiles, though real life is often an entirely different matter. In any case, you’ll never hear us complaining about a surplus of nude photos on a dating website.

Discreet Gay Dating has what appears to be a huge and very active member base with content policies that allow you to get a good look at potential matches. As with most online dating sites, a premium membership is going to be necessary in order to communicate with other members.With the free membership, you’ll still be able to accurately gauge whether the site is going to meet your needs. The men on the site seem to be primarily interested in hooking up rather than long-term relationships, so if you’re a traditionalist as well as discreet, you might find the sexually charged atmosphere a bit more than you bargained for.

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With a surprisingly large number of men looking for discreet gay dating, Discreet Gay Dating is a particularly explicit gay dating site that prominently displays XXX member photos and videos. While a premium membership is required in order to communicate with others, it’s reasonably priced and the free membership level will give you enough access to make an informed decision as to whether the site is right for you.

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