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In the African-American community, the prevailing wisdom is that being “gay” or “bisexual” is a strictly white phenomenon, equated with effeminate behavior and bourgeois white middle-class sensibilities. Biology, however, shows that in every population, regardless of race, ethnicity or creed, will have a certain percentage that feel same-sex attraction. As such there are many black men, who do not see themselves as gay or bisexual but engage in sex with other men while maintaining heterosexual relationships to maintain their cover and have created something of a subculture which they refer to as being “on the down-low.”

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While there have always been men who have had secret sexual lives with other men, the down-low phenomenon is coming into its own as a distinct subculture with its own vocabulary, morays, and meeting places. Most of these men date or marry women while having sex with other men “on the DL,” particularly in the case of urban black men from the inner-city who live in the hyper-masculine “thug” culture. Being black overrides any notions of being gay or bisexual as they see blackness as inherently masculine and contradictory to white notions of sexuality.

The DL culture has grown in recent years and has developed its own institutions if you know where to look with websites, private parties and sex clubs that cater to ebony men looking to have sex with other men on the DL. With this “non-gay” identity available, the supply of masculine black men on the prowl for sex with men has skyrocketed, as long as you know where to look. Gay Thug Dating is where DL men go, with none of the complications that could potentially arise from hooking up with men who have decided to assume an openly gay lifestyle. If you’re a masculine black man or someone who wants to have sex with one, then Gay Thug Dating is the site that will connect you to the largest community of thugs looking to get down, though you’ll need to be aware of the “rules” that govern those on the DL.

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The rise of the “down-low” culture has led many black men who only engage in sex with men to embrace the label as they feel it is an announcement of their masculinity and separates them from white gay culture which they consciously reject, feeling that the “gay” label is for white folks, drag queens and sissies. Part of a larger black culture that places a premium on traditional notions of masculinity and the influences of rap music and thug culture that celebrate hyper-masculinity, men on the DL go to great pains to avoid appearing soft in any way, and avoid getting involved with men who identify as gay lest they blow their cover or get too clingy.

So when you’re checking out all of the hot black dudes at Gay Thug Dating, be sure to keep in mind that while these men are online looking for sex with men, that’s all they are looking for, and will bolt if you don’t come across as a real man’s man. So if you think you have what it takes to land yourself a gangsta thug, check out Gay Thug Dating to find the gang-banger or the gang bang you’ve been looking for, on the down-low of course!

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