Sex with Married Men: No, Thanks!

I make a point of keeping away from judgement when it comes to other people’s sexcapades, but once in a while (not often!) morality creeps in.

Married men are a staple on gay dating sites. The reasons are vast, and in most cases obvious and understandable. Coming out is hard enough without being married. But unless the guy is in an openly bisexual relationship, I can’t bring myself to “have an affair”. Leave it to an unsettled conscience to kill the buzz.

I confess the decision to take the high-ground crept up on me. I first approached the idea of hooking up with married men the way I approach anything else: I let the cock lead. My magnanimous change of heart came only after clueing in that the sex I was having with cheaters was always a drag. Maybe it’s the guilt holding them back. Whatevs. There’s a dishonesty card at play, and I’m uncomfortable being a part of it.

The paths to breaking free are many, and we each have our own. Being closeted and married has got to suck. It’s probably a good thing these poor guys have easy access to gay dating sites, where they can hook up and – for however long – be themselves. The scene is full of guys once married, who only managed to go full-gay after allowing themselves a period of secret experimentation and existence. It requires great courage to come out, and experience is the ultimate booster-cable.

I get all that. But…

  1. I, personally, just have a thing about extra-marital affairs, and
  2. in the very end, I can’t endorse it enough: nothing beats the rush of finally coming out. Get to it sooner rather than later, instead of sneaking around. Your wife will be freaked enough after the “honey, I’m gay” speech – can you imagine having to tell her you’re sleeping with men?

Get it done, Number One!

The sex will get better. The freedom will make you cock-crazy.

Call me then.

Meanwhile, I invite any married guy in an openly bisexual relationship to message me.

Bring your wife if you want!

Be safe!

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