Turn a One Night Stand into a Friend with Benefits

Cliffhanger Climax

There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens in first-time NSA hookups. They can result in awesome sex, so you agree to hookup again, but rarely (unless maybe you start something a bit more “official” with the guy) does the fire continue to burn. It’s no secret to anyone how difficult it is to maintain passion over a long-haul relationship—but to lose passion in a no-strings hookup?  What gives?

Here’s a trick I learned. If you hookup with a hot guy, and the sexual chemistry is oozing, and you anticipate good times ahead, I suggest you don’t blow your whole wad—figuratively speaking, that is—on your first time out. Lemme ‘splain:

Considering hot flings come and go anyway, I figure why not try and make a good one last as long as possible, right? So I start by not-shagging-until-I-collapse. I make a mental list of all the shenanigans I’d like to do with the guy and start vocalizing it while we’re together, using it as dirty talk. Two things are guaranteed: 1) it’ll heighten the intensity as dirty talk is wont to do, and 2) we’ll both cum long before that list is ever complete. And then I make sure the date ends. No encores. No attempt to get done everything we talked about doing together. Y’see, with water having been left in the well, me and NewHotDude have plenty of reason for Part 2—and, if I budget the “list” for as long as I can, hopefully Parts 3, 4, 5… Treat every hot hookup as though it were the season finale of an awesome TV series.

There’s nothing “tease”-ish about it; everyone’s still getting off. You’re just not giving it all away. Nor is it about “leaving some things to the imagination”, as they say. N-no, nothing will be left to the imagination—it will simply be left until later. And it’ll give NewHotDude a damn good reason to come back for more.

There’s an added benefit to this approach. The development at play, if successfully progressive, will demonstrate—or not—your compatibility. If you end up “learning well” together, and you both find your fantasy to-do list is getting longer with each subsequent hookup, then there’s a good chance that what you’ve actually landed for yourself is a new fuckbuddy. And once you’ve secured your status in fuckbuddyville, no holding-back is required.

For all you piggies out there who read this and think, “Ah, I’d rather just make a pig of myself”, I offer the following food for thought: I, too, consider myself a bit of a piggy; but I’ve learned I can be a pig while still managing to leave a few scraps on the table.

Be safe!

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