How to Make a Hookup Last Longer

Dude, Where’s My Breakfast?

One thing’s for sure: when guys go online for a quick hookup, there are ZERO expectations for a sleepover. We are completely a-ok with the concept of finding a hookup for the night , doing a little (or a lot) of the nasty, and being on our way. It’s an unspoken contract that no post-coital cuddles are necessary.

But if both the chemistry and sex were stellar, and the night had more of a “date” than a “hookup” feeling, well, I gotta admit, my nose gets a little outta joint if either A) Dude runs out the door right afterwards, or B) I’m asked to leave right afterwards. (Time and circumstances allowing, of course.)

I guess I’m a bit of a girlie-gay that way. I like the previous night’s adventure (and chemistry) to be validated (once again, time and circumstances allowing) by some solid cuddling, a sleepover, and, most of all, breakfast!

I’m sure it’s genetic. In my family, Meal Time is the heart and centre of a relationship. It’s a checkmark of happiness. The best case scenario is for Dude and I to go out for breakfast the next morning. Let someone else do the cooking while we sit at table, hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, and replay whatever awesomely filthy deeds we pulled off the night before.

It’s also worth mentioning that where you go for breakie should be someplace you, or Dude, already know and love. It’s hardly the time to “try that new place that just opened up around the corner”. If you eat at an old-time fave spot, not only will you not have to risk this crucial part of the date being spoiled by shitty fare (that’s right, the date ain’t over yet…), you’ll be turning him on (or he you) to something new and delicious – just like the night before.

It’s not that I’m getting old and sappy and longing for a lifemate with whom I can eat. I’m still a huge fan of a quick hookup, promisepromise.  But I love great food just as much as I love great sex. And if one can’t follow the other, that awesome date feels somewhat like an awesome blowjob without the happy ending.

Be safe!

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