Are Bad Boys Worth Dating?

They’re heart-breakers. Dream-makers. Love-takers. Should you be messing around with Bad-Boys?

Well, if you don’t mind having your heart broken or dreams shattered or love being squandered like a used condom, then, yes, you bet your horny ass they are!

Look, I’m not here to break up any marriages, or nothing. Just doing my job. In this case I’ve been asked by my editors to think with my cock (wouldn’t be the first time…) and consider the pros of hooking up with a Bad-Boy (I think I pretty much covered all the cons in the opening paragraph…)

So here’s why I think these naughty widdle cockthrobs are worth your consideration:

1. The sex is awesome. Ba-da-bing.

2. The non-commitment is right outta fantasy-land, whether you consider it to be within your better judgment or not. Some guy, outta nowhere, hot ’n’ bothered, just passing through—tell me that’s not a movie! Not the ending you saw in theatres, either, the one that took the moral high ground. This is not-to-be-missed sex we’re talking about!

3. Bad-Boys have an attractive rebel cache: you can’t help but fall in love with James Dean, even though you know you’ll never get to bring him home to meet Mother.

4. There’s much to learn by stepping out of your comfort zone. Chances are he’s seen more and experienced more than you have. Soak it up, and keep it with you long after he leaves you by the wayside. You’ll subsequently have a few tricks in your pocket… to shock that Nice-Boy you started dating.

5. If you’re only going to have an affair once, just to try it, you’re better off doing so with someone who knows his stuff, and won’t be around in the morning. No one knows their stuff and is as quick to run as a Bad-Boy. That’s what makes them bad!

6. Have I mentioned the sex is awesome?

7. Missing out will probably flood you with regret it. Eew, regret. Gross. Leave regret to the Catholics. They love that shit.

8. You’ll remember it forever. If you’re someone who doesn’t sleep around like that, and for whom Bad-Boys would normally be a no-no, then a sexscapade with one is a memory you’ll cherish long after you’re using a walker.

But I’m tellin ya: forget this list and just focus on #1 and #6!!!!!

Be Safe!

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