Advantages of Dating Older Men

Oldies but Goodies

Nothing wrong with hooking up with old guys. There are plenty of hot older guys out there. Plenty with hot junk, too. And there’s always the little blue pill should the need arise.

But, ooooo, it irks me when guys lie in their profiles about just how old they are – or, rather, aren’t.

It seems the age-fibbing starts at 40. Understandably so, considering society holds forty as the stereotypical it’s-all-downhill-from-here benchmark. Guys in this age bracket think if they don’t lie, they risk losing out on hookups. Sadly, to a certain extent, they’re right; but trying to pass yourself off as younger will usually backfire when young dude gets his first look at you.

Let’s start with some cold hard facts. We age. Our bodies get soggy. Our hair turns grey. For certain men, erections aren’t the fire-poles they used to be. These are, generally speaking, the worst of it. And anyone out there on the dating scene with at least one iota of common sense will realize these “issues” are barely worth consideration when weighed against some of the advantages.

And here I speak to both old and young online daters:

1) There are plenty of 40+ers who look AWESOME for their age. Fit (possibly fitter than you!), handsome, sexy, and still more than capable of getting it up.

2) 40+ers have enough life experience to make conversation far more interesting than what any twink can muster.

3) Confidence is often claimed as a #1 attraction. Confidence is the result of experience and know-how. Those extra years do nothing but fuel confidence.

4) Best of all, you can learn a few moves in the bedroom. Chances are, Mr. 40+ has some tricks up his sleeve that just might broaden your sexual horizons.

I generalize, of course; but fairly. Meeting an awesome guy is at stake. Surely I’m not the only one out there who’d rather spend the night with an interesting and experienced forty-year-old than an illiterate twink whose only contribution (albeit not a bad one) is stamina. I’d rather forfeit the stamina, take breaks as needed, and indulge in some fine and enlightened chat during down time.

When you’re scouring profiles, check his age, sure. But read on. You’d be surprised what some daddies are capable of.

Be safe!

6 thoughts on “Advantages of Dating Older Men”

  1. Yeah I fully agree with you about 40 plus! Give me someone who can string a sentence together and who is as interested in me rather than just the size of my cock!

  2. Sites are very unhelpful to young guys without the money to subscribe. BUT we are the reason older guys who can afford it are here. without us you die. You give us NO WAY to encourage the guys who interest us.


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