Sex with Gay Virgins: Pros & Cons

With so many guys spending years in the closet, virgins aren’t so hard to find. Being the designated deflowerer has its pros and cons, though.

(Knowing beforehand whether or not the guy you’re hooking up with is a virgin can be a big plus, but unless he tells you, you’re unlikely to find it in his profile. Guys will often write in their profiles “newbie” or “recently out-of-the-closet and looking to learn” and that kinda thing; but “new” doesn’t necessarily mean brand-spanking-new. I’m referring to first-timers only.)

The simple truth is virgins lack experience, which means, despite all his hot e-chat that led to the hookup in the first place, odds are low that the sex will live up to expectation. Sex takes practice, there’s no way around it. But nor does that guarantee you a dud: what the virgin can bring to the table is years of pent-up sexual fantasies, which can make him very enthusiastic. That’s fun. And if he really is game to give’er a good go his first time out, then, who knows, you may even learn something yourself.

But I’ve found it usually doesn’t work out like that. As nice as the virgin may be, and as much as I dig him as a person, sexually the guy’s usually shy, and nervous. He’s riddled with worry about catching a disease. He plays it too safe. He’s not sexually vocal. He’s a fumbler. He lacks the basic skills to get the job done. The hookup is certainly not a show-stopper.

I’m NOT in any way suggesting y’all stay away from The Unsoiled. Many guys are very much into “teaching” newbies. Even I find it hot. But I’d just as soon skip the deflowering bit and get right to the teaching. If anything, I don’t want the onus of forever being the guy with whom you lost your virginity. To this day I’m already stuck carrying around a few of those from high school.

Be safe!

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