Glory Hole Sex Satisfaction: Part 2

Glory Me! Part 2

Turns out I’m a bit of a gloryhole pig after all!

So my new gloryhole buddy (Glory Me! Part 1) and I went on our first adventure together. Considering I was never into gloryholing to begin with, doing it with a buddy was a most intensifying way to break my cherry, so to speak.

We chose a public sexpit, but rather than plant ourselves at the gloryhole wall, we cloistered into our own booth—with a gloryhole of its own—and locked ourselves inside. Fully-stripped with both our hands and assholes greasy with lube, I whipped out the one and only tool we needed: a pen-light. I shone it out the gloryhole and into the dark hallway outside, luring strangers, letting them know we were open for business.

It didn’t take long. Once the first stiff cock came through the wall, I think the guy on the other side thought he’d died and gone to slutheaven—by his moaning we could tell he wasn’t expecting two mouths. Within minutes, my buddy and I were sharing a mouthful of cum. We giggled. Our “first date” was off to a good start.

We sucked-off three loads without ever once having to flash the light back into the hallway. Word was getting around.

I did eventually shine the luring light again, but it was to show off my buddy’s ass, which was now positioned at the open gloryhole. When the next customer was lined-up, I dropped the light, used my fingers to open my buddy’s greased-up asshole wide, and my buddy grabbed the stranger by his cockhead and pushed back on it until it disappeared. Once again, the guy outside knew he was getting two sluts behind the wall because, while he was fucking ass, he was feeling my tongue rim the bits of his shaft too long to fit into my buddy’s hole.

This lasted for a couple of hours, throughout which we heard guys trying to get the door of our booth open, wanting inside, knowing something awesome was to be found.

But we didn’t let anyone in. What made it awesome were the two mystery boys no one could lay eyes on. That’s what heightened it—for everyone, whether they understood that or not.

When we’d had enough for one session, my buddy and I got each other off; but we didn’t go back home to our cozy bed to do so—instead we kept with the fantasy, fucking each other in our dark private room on a dirty concrete floor.

I may just have found myself a boyfriend!

Be safe!

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