Glory Hole Sex Satisfaction: Part 1

Glory Me! Part 1

I’m not normally into gloryhole action. No particular reason I can think of, just never was. But desperate times, as they say, call for desperate measures.

There was me, late-late-late at night, horny as fuck, and cruising online. It was slim pickins, with only one other guy online, also as desperate as I was. He, however, was trying to lure guys over to his place to stick their cocks through his homemade gloryhole. Out of sheer nobody-else-to-talk-to-ness, we started e-chatting. He told me he’d just built this thing, and tonight was its inaugural night—too bad no one was around to bite. I explained gloryholes weren’t my thing, but we then decided it would be the only way for each of us to get off that night. So I agreed to be his first “client”.

His set-up was pretty hot: door left unlocked, lights out, just enough dimness to find my way to a standing panel from which a decent sized hole was cut. His fingertips reached through and grabbed my cockhead, easing it into his mouth. Basically, I was thinking, whatever, at least he was getting what he needed (I can be generous that way).

Then I was aware of interruptions, or rather distractions, on his part. Turns out he kept checking online to see if any other guys were trying to contact him! At this point I figured, considering I’d come all this way to do something that was more for him than for me, the least he could do was give me his full attention. I told him so. “There’s no one else online tonight, dude. Let’s just make it rock with what we got.”

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Thank goodness the guy on the other side of the wall turned out to be a complete sweetie. Not only did we have a bit of a laugh about being the only two desperate souls on the market that night, we made what was left of our time count. He even offered up his ass to the gloryhole (he’d originally only planned on dishing out blowjobs) and let me fuck him.

But here’s the most awesome part of all: we decided to break the gloryhole taboo and meet each other across the wall when we were done! That never would have happened had I been part of a line-up of guys waiting for my turn to be serviced.

We connected immediately, and have decided to become share-buddies: I, a life-long disser of gloryholes, have agreed to join him for some public gloryhole action—with both of us sharing whatever’s stuffed through from the other side.

Stay tuned.

Be safe!

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