Online Cruising Etiquette

Log In, Get Off

There’s a certain type of guy online, and we all know who he is: he logs in, cruises, gets all hot and steamy, but never hooks up. This type of guy isn’t very popular, and I can understand why. Sometimes, that guy is me.

Obviously I’m not against the practice itself, but I can see why other guys get pissed off. First let’s examine who might do that sort or thing. There’ll be married guys, for whom getting out isn’t so easy. There’ll be closeted guys, still fearful of getting out. In my case, it happens when I’m too lazy to get out. The essence of what’s being done is to use hookup sites, and whoever happens to be online, as a masturbatory vehicle, as though it were a form of porn.

The argument against it (and it’s a good one) is that a guy can get all hot and sweaty during some dirty e-chat, only to have the other guy (who never really had any intention of hooking up at all) blueball him. Or: why not just watch porn instead, rather than leading other guys on?

What online cruising has that porn does not is the intoxicating reality that the guys at your fingertips are real, and just a hustle away. That’s pretty hot. But blueballing should NEVER be allowed. Rules must be followed.

If you want to go online to get off but have no intention of hooking up, then you shouldn’t get into chats with anyone. Check out pics, read profiles, watch videos, check the message boards—anything but chat. The moment you initiate chat, you risk blueballing someone. If guys want to email me, or message me, I’m happy to read it, but I never respond if I’m only there to get off.

If you are in the habit of getting guys worked up online only to bail on them, you should consider that the community isn’t big. Word gets around. Reputations develop. Next thing you know, you’re the guy that everyone knows is just a waste of time and talk.

And that’s way worse than being the guy who sometimes hooks up, and sometimes just quietly pops up online but doesn’t seem to be at his computer…

Be Safe!

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