How to Talk Dirtier Online

No Pronouns Allowed

Here’s a little trick to transform your dirtytalk into filth: Watch your use of pronouns. In fact, you’ll want to lose them completely.

(For those of you who were outside in the smoking section during English class, pronouns are basically I/my/you/your/he/his, kinda thing. Need more info? That’s why god invented the google, hun.)

An example:

I wanna watch you suck my cock.  VS   I wanna watch you suck cock.

Omitting the pronoun “my” suggests the cocksucker has either sucked plenty of cock in the past (which is divinely slutty to hear) or is about to suck plenty of cock starting right about now (perhaps even more divinely slutty to hear).

Suck my cock.  VS   Suck cock.

The first is a command, the second is a command to buy a one-way ticket to slutsville. Suck cock on its own can suggest Show me how you suck cock or it can suggest Start sucking all these cocks or it can suggest whatever you want it to.

The idea is to heighten the dirtytalk by adding an extra bit of subtle fantasy—and all you have to do is drop that itty-bitty pronoun. Obviously you’re to choose the verbs and objects at your whim.

Another pronoun trick is to substitute the personal for something a little more on the piggy side. For instance:

Do you want my cock?  VS  Do you want some cock?
Eat my cum.  VS  Eat some cum.
Spread your ass.  VS  Spread that ass.

Get the idea?

Finally, here’s an example of how the misuse of pronouns can bring your slutspeak to a buzz-killing halt:

Q: Do you like taking cock in the ass like that?
A: I like taking your cock in my ass like that.

Argh! In the middle of a fantasy moment! The guy on top might not really be suggesting that his partner is a slutbag—it’s hardly the time for the guy on the bottom to insist on a verbal clarification.

Don’t you wish you had me as your English teacher?

Be safe!

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