Gay Grooming Fetish

Sexy Guy in Bath

The Rush of the Brush

Guys seem to identify their “groomliness” into two categories: smooth or hairy.

I often find either state boasted about on profiles, to my complete indifference. (Although I totally understand why guys would want to make clear and/or know about body hair on a potential hookup. It’s no different than tall/short, cut/uncut, poz/neg. We all have our thing. I’m only indifferent because I’m, once again, not really into any particular type. I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere in one of these blogs that I’m a go-on-vibe kinda guy. Whatever, I digress.)

I’ll tell you what does appeal to me in the valley of all things hirsute: “unkemptness”. Not uncleanliness, just so we’re clear; cleanliness is an absolute must for me (I’m sure I’ve gone on about that, too).  But “unkemptness” is a category of groom that I never see – or even see available as a profile option. Let’s henceforth see that change!

Here’s why:

First, it’s sexy to look at (what can I say, I’m a softy for ragamuffins!).  But second – and herein lies today’s lesson – I love to groom another guy!

Most guys who’ve allowed me to “groom” them were kindly indulging this fetish (and I thank you for being so sweet about it!), but I encourage y’all to give it a try. It’s pretty much a spa session without the spa. A tub will have to do. The lucky guy gets to luxuriate in a hot bubbly tub while I wash and condition his hair (unless he’s bald, in which case a scalp massage is just as welcome), blade-shave his face, sculpt his pubes, and basically soap’n’suds him down to beauty-ness. I even take requests! Here’s one you may find odd: I even adore brushing another guy’s teeth (although I draw the line at flossing…). And the towel-drying of every inch of skin usually has me in full boner mode.

Ah, then comes the brushing of the hair! That final, soothing treatment before I dive in. The pleasure and satisfaction of a hair-brushing goes back to time immemorial (or at least to the invention of the brush – I’ll leave it to you to Google the date).

Writing about it seems slightly odd only in that I don’t ever hear/read about anyone else getting off on it.

But considering the stories of guys showing up in emergency rooms with lightbulbs/rodents/Lego/whatever lodged in their butts (NOT urban myths – I have plenty of friends who work in E.R.), a bit of a bath’n’brush doesn’t seem so bad.

Be safe!

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