Guy Unzipping Pants

How to Shoot Bigger Loads of Cum

Great news for all you cum-bunnies out there: it’s possible to increase the volume of your load! Your complete attention now acquired,

Man Lying with Shirt Undone

Edging and Hoarding Your Cum

The Edge-Hoarder Combo-Pack How many times in these pages have I gone on (and on…) about the pleasures and benefits of edging?

Crossdresser Man

Gay Hookup with a Crossdresser

I’ll try anything at least once! (Read “MMF Threesomes”). And when I’m cruising online, there are always crossdresser profiles kicking around. I had

Man and Popsicle

Gay Sex Fun with Frozen Cum

I’ve been keeping this one a secret from you until the results were in. Well, the results are in — and they’re

Sexy Naked Doctor

Bondage and Medical Play

All Tied-Up with No Place to Go There are few gay men I know who don’t enjoy a little bondage, especially when