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Hookups with Twinks: Pros & Cons

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The Urban Dictionary defines a Twink as follows:

“An attractive, boyish-looking, young gay man. The stereotypical twink is 18-22, slender with little or no body hair, often blonde, dresses in club wear even at 10:00 AM, and is not particularly intelligent. A twink is the gay answer to the blonde bimbo cheerleader.”

Guess what kind of party I went to?! That’s right: I attended what turned out to be a twinkfest. No complaints from me. Twinks are fantasy material. I wasn’t about to miss out simply because the room’s combined I.Q. ranked below sea-level. Does that make me shallow? Who gives a shit, really.

It’s easy to trash talk twinks, but I like them. They’re awesome toys and most are happy to be used as such. What more could a guy ask for?

But before you get ideas about netting one (or more) for yourself and your friends, you better brace your ego:

What twinks lack in substance is more than compensated for in terms of hottie-ness. They’re in a position to pick and choose play-partners, and they set the bar high. Sadly, this doesn’t include your personality or smarts—so you better be hot yourself, or have a big cock, or have drugs you’re willing to share.

I was lucky. I was in the right place at the right time, invited by a friend who was a friend of one of the twinks present. Not only was I “pre-approved”, but both my cock and my body passed the oh-so-shallow physical requirements. My age was overlooked because I don’t fall into grampa territory. Maybe I even fit some sort of Daddy-factor, who knows. Whatever won me my free pass, rest assured I didn’t try winning them over with any sort of irony.

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Twinkdom is a state of mind. These guys are at a place in their lives where they live to have a good time, on the lookout for pleasure wherever they can get it. To bag one (if you aren’t one) is like being in a porno:

– perfect cock, hard all the time; smooth, hairless body

a willingness to be group-used, like a fucktoy (no doubt the ecstasy they drop helps that along)

– an angel-face who knows full-well he’s doing something beyond naughty

They won’t be twinks forever. Within just a couple years they’ll find themselves in the same big bucket as the rest of us. So grab one while you can.

I suggest you start at the gym—not to cruise, but to work out. Shallow can be worth it.

Be safe!

What’s your experience with twinks? Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Tell us what you think!

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