Bathhouse Hookups

Off to the Bathhouse

Maybe all that time I used to spend at the bathhouses was just a phase. Or maybe my subsequent outgrowing of bathhouses was just a phase. I’m no longer sure which it is, because I recently went back and paid the ol’ sausage factory free-for-all a visit. What can I say—I was uberhorny.

Uberhorny, indeed. I’m not above admitting right here and now that I was online cruising for a no-strings hookup. I was even prepared to lower my bar. I had promising chats with three different guys, but each of them apologetically informed me they’d be hanging at the bathhouse that night instead. One guy offered the simple suggestion of meeting him there.

It had been ages since I’d been to a bathhouse. I used to go often, especially after I first came out and had so much catching up to do. It’s attraction soon waned, though. I found the superstore element became overwhelming, too impersonal, and ultimately not as good as what I was getting on my own.

But horny is horny, and there’s no stopping a gayboy with love to share. I bit the bullet and, for one night, returned to my old stomping ground. Nothing had changed. It was still just as much as ever a go-to place where every guy walking in the door is there on business. I joined in, I watched, I exhibited, I cruised—you name it, I did it.

I didn’t make any friends, nor did I try to. It was a trip to Disneyworld, wherein so much happens, and experiences were shared, but there’s zero chance of getting to know the person sitting behind you on the rollercoaster. Nor is Disneyworld—or any amusement park, for that matter—the kind of place I want to visit regularly.

But despite the following morning’s hangover, and a few head-shaking regrets, I was glad I did it. It was just the thing I needed.

And do you know why I can do this? Because why not. I’m single, I’m horny, and because gay guys have less hang-ups about sex. We rock!

Be Safe!

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