Coming Out: Pace Yourself

The All-Out Coming Out

Hypocrisy alert! Your humble blogger is (possibly once again – it can be hard to keep track of these things…ahem…ahem…) about to dish out advice that he, himself, didn’t necessarily follow.

This is for all you guys thinking about coming out, about to come out, and just coming out. Obviously, you must come out. There’s no other way. But there’s a common danger with coming out, and I’d like to steer you away from it. I call it The All-Out Coming Out Fiesta.

When a guy finally shouts “Yes, I’m proud to be gay, and I don’t care if the whole world knows it!” (like he should), the liberation is intoxicating. I, like others before me, went to town on it. After living so long without cock, I immediately set forth on a free-for-all, getting as much of it as I could as fast as I could.

As a newbie online, I chatted up a very sweet guy who filled me in on the concept of bathhouses and hookup caves. He agreed to meet me and hand-hold me through the process. But upon setting foot in my very first cave, my intoxication got the better of me. Throughout the course of that evening I lost count of the number of blowjobs I happily dished out. I also lost track of how many nights in a row I went back.

Then the regret crept in. Did I just blow half the town? The answer is, nearly, yes. And I don’t even know what these guys looked like.  Eeew.

Off to the clinic I went.  Waiting for test results is the surest way to kill any buzz.  It’s not worth it. You didn’t come all this way for cock only to end up with some nasty disease your first time out. And if you aren’t up on the likelihood of STDs, I strongly suggest you get Googling.

Cock will always be out there. Plenty of it. Safe gang-bangs can always be arranged. Pace yourself when you leave the gate. It’s hard to play when you’re unhealthy.

Be safe!

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