Benefits of Dating Older Gay Men

Oh, the days when I thought I’d be young forever! Sure, I’m still young but old enough to have realized that I won’t be young forever. I’m also just old enough to recognize and appreciate every little bit of experiential wisdom my aging affords me.

Which brings me to older guys. I’m really starting to like ’em. And just so we’re clear, by “older”, we’re not talking needs-a-walker older, or nuthin. I’ll even go so far as to single out the 40+ range — and I choose this because I remember that being my own cut-off point when I was just a young pup. I’d think to myself, “Eew, I don’t think so.”

Funny how we grow, and evolve, huh?

Cuz here’s what started to creep up on me. I began to recognize a pattern. The “older” guys I hooked up with had (not always, but generally speaking) this to offer:

  • They were specific with their desires. Experience is a great (if not the best) way to learn what works and what doesn’t, what’s good and what isn’t, and gets results.
  • The confidence that results from the aforementioned. Very hot.
  • A forthrightness that’s irresistible.

In no way am I suggesting that dating younger guys can’t offer the same; but realistically, that kind of experience comes with age. Also let me say here and now that I’ve had plenty of mind-blowing sex with younger guys. But here’s the difference:

When I’m with young guys: “That was awesome!”

When I’m with older guys: “I loved that thing he did!” …and it can still be awesome.

There’s a subtlety to the take away, but I’m happy to take it away.

Sure, there might — might! — be a price to pay for these bonuses. Oh, like, let’s say:

  • His boner isn’t what it used to be. That does suck. But there are ways around it. Not perfect, but, it is what it is.
  • He may not go beyond Round 1. But hey, I can’t party like I used to, either.

So consider this shout-out, boys. Don’t set your phasers to “no” so quickly. And never pass up an opportunity to learn from someone who might be able to up your game.

Be safe!

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