Penis Size and Performance as You Get Older

If you’re anything like me, you’re barraged daily with emails and banner ads that promise miracles such as doubling the size of your junk, unlimited staying power, or how to use your penis as a divining rod. In this age of the pharmaceutically induced hard ons, there has been a rush from unscrupulous hawkers of pills who make ludicrous claims, sucking in the gullible due to the halo-effect that legitimate pills have cast over the marketplace.

While obsessing over the size of one’s penis is probably an inevitable part of having one, let me assure you that there is no “magic trick” that will increase your size. While a nice big cock certainly has its appeal, the old saw that “it’s not the size of the wand, but the magic it contains” is completely true. Outliers on the spectrum are memorable for their embodiment of the extremes, from the guy who is so big that you couldn’t get your mouth around, to the guy who was so small that you couldn’t see it through his pubes. But it’s the man attached to the dick that counts, not the dick itself.

If you take a look in the mirror, no matter your age, you are not the same man you were 20 years ago, 10 years, or even 5. And the same thing goes for your penis. It’s not reasonable to think that at age 55 you would be as good at basketball as you were at 25, so why on earth do men think that their junk should somehow be immune to the aging process.

While many look at their erections as an all or nothing proposition, it either works or it doesn’t. There are changes that take place everywhere within your body as you age, and your cock is no exception. You can expect changes to blood flow, the composition of the body’s connective tissue and muscle distribution, as well as significant hormonal changes that occur over time.

I recently read an online interview with a urologist discussing his prescriptions of ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis, and he made the observation that if you are 40 but look 60, there’s likely a significant underlying health condition that is causing a lack of turgidity. He said that prescribing a pill to alleviate the symptom, without addressing the cause, is simply bad medicine.

Many of the popular SSRI and antidepressants on the market can significantly affect your ability to get it up and keep it up to reach completion, or in some cases can erase your sex drive altogether. If you’re having those issues, then getting a prescription for something to help out can be beneficial.

Now don’t get me wrong, even though I have no problem getting and maintaining an erection, I do have a bottle of those magic blue pills in my medicine cabinet for “special occasions,” and I have to say they produce impressive results. You could drive nails with it on those pills, but I got them from a doctor after going through tests to assure that I didn’t have any underlying conditions that would contraindicate their use.

In my experience, it’s straight men who have the most hangups about penis size and performance, probably due to not having many other erect penises to compare to, and perhaps due to how difficult it is to get many women to cum. While I’m as much of a “size queen” as any other gay guy that you’ll find prowling on gay dating sites, I’ve yet to break up with or continue seeing someone based upon the size of their package.

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