Do Gay Men Care about Penis Size?

Confessions of a Size-Queen

I admit it:

Not only do I prefer (read: LOVE!) big cocks, I don’t like small cocks at all. In fact, I’m turned off by small cocks. And I’ve taken plenty of flak for it, but I think that’s unfair. Why should we size-queens not be entitled to have this particular like/dislike the way we would, say, a guy’s height, or body type, or whatever?

I make no apologies for being a size-queen—

– Big cocks are sexy to look at. Whenever a hookup’s cock is whipped out and I discover I was somehow duped by its pic, yes, I’m always disappointed.

– Big cocks are more satisfying. Sure, a small one can still hit the spot; but a big one can hit deeper. I prefer that, too.

– Big cocks are quite simply easier to work with. The parts are more easily defined and allow for more play room.

– Big cocks give confidence to their owners. I love that look in a guy’s eyes when he pulls out his huge cock for the first time, and I can see he knows how to use it.

– Big cocks look better on camera. When I’m taking pics or making vids of a session, the scale of a big cock doing its thing is far more playback-worthy

– Big cocks are memorable. A guy’s face might get a bit hazy a month or so (or less) after a hookup, but I’ll never forget a big cock.

Look, none of this is to bash small cocks. In fact, I know guys who prefer small cocks.

But I don’t like being called a size-queen as though it were on par with being racist, or something.

And for what it’s worth, I find it interesting that I never hear these complaints coming from guys with big cocks…

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Be safe!

Dear readers: Are big cocks all they’re cracked up to be?

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