Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, or Commando?

Do underwear choices tell us much about the guys who wear them? They sure can. And those choices can just as easily either distract or entice a hookup.

Personally, I don’t have a preference in terms of what a guy wears. )If I want in, I’m going in.) But there’s no question my brain begins to process the choice at the moment of exposure.

We all have our thing. Apropos underpants, here’s mine, including the ups and downs:

Thongs. Worn by guys who prefer feeling naked down below (but who don’t like the chaffing, fair enough). Myself, I’m not crazy about how they look. No matter what the design, they always strike me as women’s panties. Ironically, I love a guy in women’s panties… when I’m chasing a crossdresser.

Briefs. Very old school, and not very sexy to behold. Especially when they’re (usually) grey, or black, or white. I can only imagine that those who wear tightie-whities are little interested in fashion. Although you’d think it’d cross their minds that, at some point during the hookup, the pants will eventually have to come off.

Commando. Gotta love a guy who has nothing to hide. It feels very sexy to wear nothing on your cock. And discovering that the guy you’re with is happy to skip a step while dressing sends a clear message that he’s all about feeling sexy. That usually means he is sexy. And being cock-ready speaks volumes.

Boxers. It’s always tough to know whether a guy’s wearing these because he’s old school or manly sexy. Either way, I find them appealing for one specific reason: a stiff cock looks mighty irresistible when it’s pitching a tent in boxers. They’re tight enough to allow erection pressure and loose enough to slip my hand inside.

All this being said, I always insist on the following: if anyone’s serious about getting in your pants, it’ll take more than a disapproval of your underwear to stop them.

What do I wear, you ask? I feel sexy in all of the above… except a thong. I hate cracker-creeper.

Be Safe!

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