Tips for Videotaping Sexcapades

Some guys wouldn’t be caught dead having sex on camera. Others do it regularly. Most have at least thought about it.

You, the guys who have at least thought about it – I’m talking to you.

The argument I hear most often is obviously, “The last thing I want getting around is a video of me having sex with seven guys.” It’s a good argument, and one I consider. It’s a good start if all parties can agree up front that no faces will be included. But there are two very easy – and, even better, hot – ways to be an anonymous pornstar without losing wood with worry. Hear me out.

In porn, close-ups are everything. A money shot done with a wide angle infuriates me! We zip ahead to the most intense scenes, and they’re always close-ups for a very good reason: we wanna see wtf is going on! Every gruesomely dirty detail! There’s even a niche of porn so close-up you’d swear it was 3D. So just keep the camera at the “zoomed in” position of the lens right from the get-go. Keeping it zoomed allows for:

1) no wide shots, so it’s unlikely your face will be captured.

2) getting the shot you’re after to be framed quicker.

3) a free hand to keep on the focus at all times. It means nothing to nobody if it’s not in PERFECT focus. “Kind of soft” doesn’t cut it. And don’t use the auto-focus – it’s too easily confused, especially with seven cocks in the room.

Here’s a second suggestion: wear a black leather mask! It’s so…so…raunchy! If you’re not used to sexwear, a mask might seem corny. It won’t take long for that feeling to go away, trust me. And because you’re anonymity is secured, you’ll relax and have more fun.

Keep in mind the sound is being recorded, so unless you’ve something dirty to say, keep chat to a minimum. It breaks “the fourth wall”, as they say. Grunting, moaning, et al is fine.

If you have the means, I can’t recommend enough that you hook the camera up to a TV or monitor and watch the debauchery live. It really is hotter than the subsequent recording. Who watches the Superbowl the next day? My own preference is to hook up the camera, watch the sex live onscreen while it’s happening, and leave out the recording all together. That approach might be a good one for you to consider if you’re worried most about a video getting around: there isn’t one.

You gotta at least TRY it!

Be safe!

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