“Straight” Men Having Sex with Gay Men

There’s not much that this cowboy will say no to. When a (straight) female friend approached me to offer my services to two of her straight male friends who shared a secret fantasy to be serviced by a gay guy, I felt it my duty to oblige.

This straightboy fantasy isn’t new. Like many fantasies, though, they go unspoken (let alone unrealized) for fear of judgment. I was thrilled to hear of not one but TWO keeners lining up to play. But I was also fully aware that it could all come to a crashing halt if not played correctly: “straight” guys (ahem, ahem…), even when they do have a fantasy about cock, are not to be considered gay. Here’s what to remember:

Nobody’s “gay”. When you hook up, don’t ever use the word “gay.” No one is “trying out gay,” and no one thinks they “might be gay.” Even if all of the above happens to be secretly — and obviously — true. Instead, should any discussion be required at all, stick with “experimenting” — not “gay.” In fact, don’t even use the word fantasy.

Keep a girl handy. It makes the straightboys feel safer, especially if it’s a woman they know well and are comfortable with. The best option is one of their female lovers. The vibe can feel more gangbangish, less “gay” Besides, it’ll make them feel as though they’re doing it for her sake.

Do the honours. No matter what their fantasy, chances are they won’t go down on you. So just go down on them and they’ll be thrilled. Especially once they discover that gay guys give way better head than any woman out there. If they’re brave enough to take a mouthful of cock, well, that’s just a bonus.

Dim the lights. It might not freak them out so much if they can’t actually see that the person sucking their cock has sideburns. Besides, with dimmer light, you might just get lucky enough for a blowjob of your own.

Keep your ass out of it. Don’t start rubbing their cocks on your ass. Cocksucking will be more than enough for anyone testing such gender-bending shenanigans. Your ass will probably give them a heart attack.

Party it up. Getting a bit wasted first never hurts. It’s a big step — who wouldn’t need a drink or three beforehand?

And how did it all go, you ask? Let’s just say that before the night was through, two straight guys were snowballing at centre stage.

Who da man!

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Be safe!

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