Is Instant Chemistry Attraction for Real?

My editor recently put yet another interesting consideration on the table: “Instant chemistry or slowburn attraction. Thoughts?” Well, of course I had thoughts, enough so to reply via this week’s post.

The term instant chemistry is misleading, foggy at best. Do I believe that two people can meet and instantly share a chemistry capable of binding them? You bet I do. Maybe it’s a sexual chemistry — that kind of thing can certainly spark in an unexpected instant. Or maybe you meet someone with whom you just know you’ll be friends for life. I’ve certainly had that happen.

But you’ll never convince me that instant chemistry is synonymous with love at first sight. What a myth. No such thing. Although, it’s often confused with the aforementioned Lust at First Sight; or even the ubiquitous and wishy-washy Love-for-anywhere-up-to-about-12-months-before-reality-kicks-in-At-First-Sight.

So what about my editor’s latter option, slowburn attraction? Well, boys, if a deep and meaningful relationship is what you’re after, The Slowburn is your only option.

Whether it be art, science, engineering, or love, time is the only true test to determine a keeper. How else to filter the ineffective, the fraudulent, the mistaken, the unreliable, the tiresome? The slow burn of time, is how; there is no other way. Sadly, so many people are self-indulgent enough to condition their imaginations to believe whatever they tell themselves, and patient enough to foster instant-love delusions for, like, ever. (No doubt all of this can be blamed — as always, in my opinion — on either pop culture or religion. Take your pick.)

My apologies for being such a glumbucket; but before y’all run to the kitchen and stuff your head in the oven, let’s scoot back to the matter at hand: instant chemistry or slowburn attraction? At the end of the day, really, who cares?! Chasing either one will probably lead to failure. Think about it:

* Surely you need no convincing that instant chemistry is beyond anyone’s control.

* No one could ever predict — without coercion, abuse, or voodoo — whether a relationship will blossom into a meaningful and long-lasting love.


So why lose sleep over it? Why not enjoy instant chemistry when it presents itself, go with the flow when an attraction burns its way slowly into your heart, and let nature take its course?

And just  be sure to over-indulge on as much cock as possible along the way.

Oops… uh… I meant to say don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Be safe!

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