Gay Polyamorous Dating

It’s been said that the reasons straight men have such boring sex lives is that they are limited by what women are willing to do.

Society really does a number on women, if they enjoy sex or have “too many” sexual adventures, they are deemed sluts, whereas men who are sexually active are congratulated as studs. Add to the mix the naturally higher sex drive of men and remove women’s hang-ups and internalized conflict from the equation, and the possibilities are limitless.

Gay threesomes and group sex are fairly commonplace in the community, whether it’s couples looking for extracurricular action, fuck buddy groups, or just a good old fashioned orgy.

It’s easy to find this action if you know where to look.

While going to bars to pick up guys is an option, it’s just so last century. Gay bars, once the center of gay social and sexual life, have become something of an endangered institution as more and more men take it online. Gay dating sites avoid the hassle, expense, and hit-or-miss nature of going out and finding sexual partners.

If you’re looking for gay group sex, a gay three-way, or some other combination of multiple-man sex, a great site to find your next partners is

As a site dedicated to arranging group encounters, you won’t have to sort through those who aren’t interested in a wild group experience. Like-minded couples, groups, and individuals are provided an online exchange that facilitates setting up your next rendezvous. There’s no restrictions on member content, so there’s plenty of explicit photos and members’ XXX action videos, which in addition to being erotic as hell, shows you exactly what you’re going to be getting.

While at Polyamory Date there are lots of couples looking for a third or another couple, most are not looking for textbook polyamorous dating, which would involve building emotional relationships with all involved. But you never know, there’s been many a meaningless threesome that has evolved into a long-term polyamorous situation. While polyamory can be an unstable relationship structure, with balance it can also be emotionally and sexually rewarding. It’s certainly something worth exploring.

Do you have polyamory experience? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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