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Hot Gay DILF Types

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We all know the DILF – the dad I’d like to fuck. Who’s your favorite neighborhood DILF these days? Here are a few of my personal favorites…

The Soccer DILF. You can find him on the fields, supervising and sometimes being in charge. The soccer DILF knows a thing or two about balls and penalties and being in charge. I love the look of a hot guy in short shorts on a field. And there’s nothing cooler than sex with an athlete who really knows how to score.

The Executive DILF. There’s nothing better than a hot guy who’s running things. The business DILF takes charge in the boardroom, and also in the bedroom. He’s a total Dom and want to use kinky toys with all his dates. When I’m out looking for hookup sex, the business DILF is definitely on my list!

The Nerd DILF. I find a lot of techy DILFs on These smarties often transfer their intellectual prowess from work to the bedroom. They make it their goal to get you off. This DILF knows your passwords (if he wants) and can probe his way into all your secret places. For kinky anonymous sex, the nerd is my go-to DILF.

The DILF Next Door. You’ve seen him outside, washing his car or moving his lawn. And all you can think about now is him giving you a little trim. The DILF next door is calm cool and collected. He’s a passionate lover and wants you to enjoy yourself as much as he does. He may even be married and looking for some action on the down low!

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