Valentine’s Day Expectations and Compromise

If you haven’t guessed by now, the romance part of sex/dating is not my forté. And again I find myself struggling with the expectations of Valentine’s Day. What a terrible time to be dating a guy I really like — one who happens to feel the need for a February 14 Plan.

Fortunately (and I’m sure this is one of the reasons I’m getting along so well with this guy), we easily reached a compromise, or rather, a series of them. His own need for a bit of romantic wining and dining will be addressed, as will mine of diving into the nasty in a way that helps wash away the taste of commitment.

Here’s our Feb. 14th to-do list:

Dress-up. His idea, trust me. Not that I mind dressing up, but I’m not about dressing up. Which he is. Which is fine. Here’s the compromise: I’m allowed comfortable footwear, but no jeans. Apparently making the effort to look splendid is romantic. A-ight, a-ight, I get it.

Dinner. Because I’m keen to avoid having to gaze into each other’s eyes by candlelight, I thought it might be hot if we just ordered pizza and got dirty. I compromised: We’ll go out, but if so, we have to go balls-deep and go someplace really deliciou$. I’m going for the food, and I happen to find pricey food sexy.

Night in. What can I say, even though our scheduling preferences may differ with this one, it’s a part of the night we’re both looking forward to. Kissin, huggin, talkin sweet nuthins, no one else around. Here we’re compromise-free. And I concede to the romantic element. Especially because, by this point, the fancy clothes have come off.

The Pizza Guy. But I can’t get the idea of simply getting dirty out of my head. So as things start to heat up at home, we’ll go online (yes, he’s compromised and agreed to this) and invite someone else to join the party. I didn’t get the pizza I wanted, but that doesn’t mean I have to ix-nay the delivery boy. I’m planning on ordering a large spicy Italian.

Who’d’a thunk this holiday would ever have my heart swelling with anticipation!

Be safe!  xo

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