Gay Hookups throughout History

Being a gay guy nowadays is pretty fun. It’s okay to be out and proud, and date whoever you want. In recent years, that wasn’t always so, but as the western world becomes more progressive, things are getting better. You might find it interesting to know that gay guys have been getting together for all time!

Tom Shannon, the media relations coordinator at pointed out that “Whenever people study the past, there are gay people everywhere. Studying homosexual history helps people realize their gay desires are only natural, and as old as time.” Here are a few other instances of guy-on-guy action throughout history.

The First Gay Couple
Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum are thought to be the first gay lovers. They are portrayed in Egyptian hieroglyphics rubbing noses, which is the most intimate portrayal in the ancient art form. Funnily enough, the two are also portrayed surrounded by heirs and wives, which proves it’s never too late to try something new.

Pleasures of the Bitten Peach
In ancient China, homosexuality was well known. It was referred to with euphemisms that may sound funny, such as the pleasures of the bitten peach, the cut sleeve, and the southern custom. As in many ancient cultures, homosexuality was often observed between members of different social classes, as well as young men with much older gentlemen.

James Liu from gave us some insider information. “Today in China, many people refer to homosexuality as Brokeback or duanbei, after Ang Lee’s film Brokeback Mountain.”

Public Persian Persuasion
Ancient Persia had a very open attitude towards homosexuality and it was tolerated in most public places from monasteries to taverns. There were even homosexual brothels, and poets often wrote odes to their favorite wine servants.

Renaissance of Sodomy
During the Renaissance in Europe, homosexuality flourished, especially in wealthy cities to which artists and musicians flocked. Prominent people such as King James I and the Duke of Buckingham had well known gay relationships.

Gay Dating has existed since the start of human history and is as valid as any other form of romance today… just as it has been all along.

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