The Toy Box: nJoy Pure Wand Review

Man of Steel

The Toy Box features reviews of sex toys that myself and other contributors test drive.

O…m’g.  Say hello to the new stainless steel dildo me!

I’ve long had a “meh”-attitude towards dildos. Years ago I went through a phase when I was buying every different size and shape on offer, only to end up with a collection that I now keep in a box and rarely, if ever, touch. My opinion was that they all pretty much did the same job, regardless of their disco gimmickry. I’d rather have the real thing, I thought. But now I may never leave the house again—who needs the real thing!

I went stainless steel all the way with the nJoy Pure Wand. Two key qualities impressed me the most:

The first was its weight. These dildos weigh about as much as a room full of hunks. (The actual weight is about 3 pounds. The number might look small, but, trust me, compared to the plastic dildos we’re used to, your first grip on one of these will shock you.) I barely needed to touch the sweet spot in order to make magic happen. In fact, I didn’t need to touch anything to make magic happen, if you catch my drift.

steel-dildoThe second sensational impression it made on me was its ability to get—and stay—warm. Because it’s stainless steel, all you have to do is run it under hot water for a few seconds and it quickly warms up (please don’t warm it in the microwave, folks…). And it packs that heat for WAY long enough to last a whole session.

I better take a moment to address a few issues that might make you wary of such an extra-terrestrial-looking invention:

They don’t look very dildo-y. In fact, they look like items you might find at your local mechanic’s. All I can say about that is, I have a new mechanic and he can tune my engine anytime he likes! Seriously, though—I’ve seen dildo’s that are far creepier to behold, and they usually come in colours like glow-in-the-dark purple. Don’t let how it looks intimidate you. It’s nothing more than a friendly giant.

The cost. I admit, they’re pricey. But after having spent hundreds of dollars over the years on dildos that either don’t last or have nothing special about them, I think the outlay is SO worth it. They really do last forever.

You’ll find a wide selection of dildos at Male Kink’s BDSM & Sex Toy Store. They all look interesting—and collectible!

And my new toy, I assure you, did not end up in the “meh” box with all the other dildos. Mine came in its own fancy box. If it weren’t a sex toy, I’d keep it on display in my living room for all the world to see!

But my mom visits too much. That would just be weird.

Be safe!

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