Ways to Say I Love You… Without Having to Say It

Of course I have feelings. In fact, I consider myself quite an emotional guy. (And if any of those “Test Your _______” quizzes on Buzzfeed have any truth to them, I’d even go so far as to say I’m a bit of a mush-pot…who “likes the color blue”. I can’t wait for those sites to become passé…)

But saying “I love you”? Oiy-oiy-oiy. I’m afraid that doesn’t come so easily to me. Never has. Not so sure it ever will.

Not that I can’t find other ways of showing affection. I go out of my way to compensate for my dearth of “declarations”. I…

  • cuddle, big-time
  • bring him home to my family! defend him to my family!
  • show him off to my friends — in person, with pics (e-pics and printed desktop pics!)
  • plan surprises (weekend getaways, dinner reservations at his favourite restaurant, etc.)
  • shine his shoes (this one is particularly effective as a surprise…taking for granted he doesn’t live in sneakers)
  • treat/respect his pet as if it were my own — and know my place within his pet/human hierarchy
  • do housework (the thorough kind: toilet, tub, floors)
  • make breakfast in bed (which is not the same as simply “cooking”, although cooking can work wonders)
  • listen when needed (an Olympian skill; a guy who can’t listen is also a deal-breaker for me)
  • bathe him (we do it to babies, don’t we? and I happen to love doing it!)

Notice how this list isn’t about chivalry. Opening doors and paying for dinner and being polite just isn’t enough. It should be less about behaviour (although it is, of course, about behaviour, too) and more about action. (…ahem, ahem… this from a guy who can’t manage three little words… feel free to bail on me at any time…)

I’d like to think these actions speak volumes, and do the trick. I’m pretty sure in some cases, with certain guys, it has.

I also know for a fact that I’ve frustrated more than a few relationships with my… dare I call it philophobia?

Still, it could be worse: at least everyone gets to cum!

And cuddle!

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