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Some of Our Favorite Men’s Fashion Style Icons

Bad Boy in Leather

Many guys feel that girls get to have all the fun when it comes to fashion, but we’re here to prove that This is not so! Dudes can definitely have fun and get fancy too. “Looking at stylish guys is a great way to develop your own personal style,” suggests Vincent, dating outreach coordinator at DiscreetGayDating.com.“It can also give you some great ideas about what to wear on a date.” So don’t get stuck in a fashion rut.

Check out our favorite style icons to get ideas to freshen up your wardrobe.

Bob Dylan did it right. His casual look of yesteryear is today’s hip style. Try putting a striped T-shirt under a blazer and pairing it with some casual pants and loafers. Don’t forget Dylan’s signature sunglasses to complete your look.

Miles Davis inspired look is one of sophistication. A nice sweater with an ascot tied around the neck will accent some khakis for a jazzy feel. This look is great for going to a wine bar or chill music venue.

Justin Timberlake is great at pulling off timeless, classic looks, and he always looks great in mostly muted colors. To try a Justin inspired style, pair a grey button down with a camel or dark grey blazer and black pants. Don’t forget some seriously nice dress shoes to make it fancy, or tennis shoes to dress it down.

Pharrell is all about the flare. He’s not afraid to go out on a fashion limb by combining camo jackets with striped sweaters, over knee length pants and leopard print slip-on shoes.  And he’s always got a wide variety of accessories to spice his look – hats, necklaces, bracelets, and bow ties.

Johnny Depp is one very sexy man. His look is simple but highlights his carefree and go-with-the-flow attitude. To replicate his grunge-chic style, you’ll need an old fedora, a white T-shirt, and a pouty stare. Add in some baggy jeans and a few choice pieces of bohemian jewelry such as thick leather bracelets or a few delicate gold necklaces, and there you have it!

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Who do you see as an inspiration for your fashion style?

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