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Get in Shape for a Hot Gay Summer

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Well, spring has finally arrived in the northern hemisphere, and while it’s been a while since you blew off your new year’s resolution to eat better and get in shape, you’ve still got some time to get things in order by summer when rising temperatures have everyone, except maybe hipsters, donning more revealing clothes. So, unless you’re planing on wearing sweaters through July “ironically” or not, now’s the time to get serious about getting cleaned up and ready for some hot summer action.

There’s a reason why you see so many torso shots when you’re cruising your favorite gay dating sites. Men are a visually-stimulated bunch, and unless you’re looking for gay bears, having a lean torso is probably the best way of improving your success in gay online dating. It will require discipline and effort, but the increase in attention from men, and how you feel about your self when gazing in the mirror makes it well worth the effort!

Of course if you are significantly out of shape, you’re not going to transform yourself in a couple of weeks  but getting yourself on a path to physical fitness can have an even greater effect in online dating success for those who are significantly out of shape, moving from morbidly obese to merely chubby will significantly improve your response rate. Whether it’s fair or not is besides the point, unless you’re on the prowl for a chubby chaser, the more svelte you get, the more gay men will be interested in you.

There are a whole range of exercise and diet plans out there to get you into shape, the common thread is reducing caloric intake and increasing activity. Find a meal plan that you think you can manage, put on a pair of athletic shoes and get out there and work your body! Who knows, you might meet a cute guy while out running or working out at the gym!

What are your tips or secrets to staying in shape?

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