Ruining the Mood During a Hookup

Know what drives me crazy? When I connect with a guy online, make my way down to his place for a hookup, and sex turns out NOT to be the priority. Argh! Why even bother to hookup?

Here’s what I hate most:

Guys who continue to trawl through profiles currently online in order to secure subsequent hookups—even for that same night! While I’m there!

Maybe it would be a different story if we were hunting for group sex participants; otherwise, log-the-fuck-off, would ya! This is not unusual. It happens regularly. Guys can get more addicted to ensuring future hookups than they are doing anything with them once they’ve arrived.

Oh, but there’s more.

If you don’t wanna send your hookup packing, please consider the following:

  • It should be obvious that no one wants to twiddle their thumbs while you’re busy texting or talking on the phone.
  • I can’t think of a single reason why anyone should have to endure sob-stories about whatever from a complete stranger who only answered your call in order to get off. Save the tears for your mother.
  • The rage you’re feeling towards your recent ex should not rear its ugly head during hookup time.
  • Tell us you’re being treated for syphilis before we leave home, not when we’re undressing in your living room.
  • Your pet is adorable. I’ll scratch behind its ears when I walk in the door and before I leave. Do not expect me to stop mid-grind to appreciate how cute it is when he or she tries to interrupt the shenanigans on the bed.
  • It’s a hookup—why should we only discover you haven’t showered when we’re yanking down your underpants while our face is an inch away from your crotch?

Are you looking to hookup or not? Unless otherwise stated, hookups are for sex. If it’s companionship you’re after, then say so. Don’t abuse quick-sex protocol by dragging your date into your personal issues.

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It takes time and effort to hook up. Respect that.

If you find a quickie that becomes a regular, perhaps then you might develop a relationship wherein you can loosen-up the expectations.

Otherwise, we want your full attention and commitment until the job’s done.

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Be safe!

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